Grid One Solutions: Your Source For Smart Grid Solutions

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Grid One Solutions: Your Source For Smart Grid Solutions

Grid One Service Offerings

Utilities are facing an onslaught of changing technology and regulation. Delivering electricity, gas and water to customers in a safe and efficient manner is only one of the many growing responsibilities of utilities today. Grid One Solutions, an Asplundh company, is there to share the load as a trusted, capable partner with experience and expertise in:

  • AMI / AMR Deployments
  • Implementing Demand Response And Energy Management Programs
  • Contracted Meter Reading
  • Gas Corrosion Mitigation and Lead Testing
  • Customer Service and Call Center Operations
  • Field Service Work
  • Joint Use Surveys
  • Storm And Emergency Support Services
  • NESC Clearance Audits And Utility Asset Inspections
  • Construction And Contractor Management Services
  • Pole Maintenance Services
  • Pole Restoration and Reinforcement Services
  • Utility Pole Asset Management Solution
  • Infrared Inspection
  • Field System Integrity Surveys

  • Expert Resources At Your Fingertips

    Grid One offers a level of professionalism and skill in its people that is unmatched in the industry. From its senior management, who all have utility experience, to its highly-trained field and Call Center staff, Grid One focuses its valuable human talent on serving the utility and its customers’ needs. We know how to help utilities deliver the benefits of demand response and energy management. And as an Asplundh company, Grid One has the financial strength to meet all critical project demands with the highest level of safety, quality and customer service.

    Track Record

    With over 17 million metering endpoints installed nationwide, Grid One has the depth of experience you can rely upon. Our technicians can be trusted to demonstrate professionalism as they read over 32 million meters and perform over half a million service orders annually.

    Grid One’s commitment to safety and project management principles has resulted in efficiencies and cost savings that directly affect a utility’s bottom line. Just ask the major utilities that Grid One has served for more than 25 years!