At Grid One, our customers and partners are at the very heart of what we do. We respond to their needs with a sense of urgency and offer the right level of resources and support to help them solve their challenges wherever and whenever they need it.

Smart Meter Installation

Grid One specializes in Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), also known as ‘smart grid’ metering deployments for electric, gas and water utilities for in-home displays and load control devices across the United States and Canada.

Post Installation

Engage our team to perform meter reading, field service work, customer call center operations, joint use attachment surveys, storm support services and back-office services including secure data transfer and storage.

We take on every project with the mindset that ‘no problem is ever too big, no timeline is ever too short, and no job is ever too tough.’


AMI / AMR Deployments

As the leader in safety performance, Grid One puts no job or activity above our commitment to safety.  Our Project Management team and dedicated Project Management Office (PMO) bring innovative and proven solutions to reduce risk and guarantee business outcomes.

Grid One has a proven track record as a leader in the delivery of AMI / AMR Deployments throughout North America.  Organized and validated by the work order management solution, we provide a completely integrated approach to manage the installation process and related support services.  All delivery personnel undergo extensive, world-class training/qualification prior to performing work on your system.


Energy Management Programs

Building value on your AMI solution brings results in added benefit to your customers. We provide the safest energy program solutions configured to your needs. These solutions can be bundled with a variety of available support options to optimize your business outcomes.

Additionally, value added information can be collected during the installation process to provide better insight and planning for future programs. All data is organized and validated by the work order management solution providing confidence and integrity of all data provided.


Field Service Work

The Grid One field operations team works to maximize the customer experience and the reliability of services you provide to your customers.  This is underscored by a commitment to safety that is unsurpassed in the industry.  We understand and respect that customers have a wide variety of priorities that can change in a moment.  Our data management solutions are designed to be flexible and respond to changing customer needs.  Logical workflows and extensive data scrubbing routines enable us to provide the most accurate information to your systems.  


Gas Corrosion Mitigation

Grid One personnel are fully trained through our safety, technical and Operator Qualification (OQ) programs to ensure optimal maintenance of your Gas Infrastructure.  The data management system is configurable to allow the wide variety of gas service work orders required to ensure reliability and risk mitigation.  Data is organized and validated prior to impacting customer and/or third-party systems.  We can combine other critical support services to offer complete solutions.


Customer Service and Call Center

The Grid One Call Center provides exceptional customer service and support for our field operations. As a web-hosted solution, it is highly configurable and can be implemented to provide your customers with a seamless experience based on their specific needs. We can communicate with customers in nearly every spoken language and provide special services for the hearing impaired. Our tools, controls and reporting ensure our national call center operations deliver the best experience possible for our customers.


Infrastructure Asset Management

We have the personnel and systems flexibility to deliver select services or full turnkey solutions to meet a range of project needs. Grid One Knowledge Centers throughout North America support the continuous expansion of these vital services. By prioritizing safety and reliability, we have reimagined pole and asset services to maximize value for our customers. Our innovative approach includes integration of critical software and business processes into the work management tools. This enables us to support nearly all types of poles and asset service work necessary in the market.


Storm and Emergency Support

Grid One maintains a national roster of qualified resources that can be activated and mobilized with minimal notice. Storms and emergencies happen and require pre-qualified, readily available resources to meet the exceptional challenges and risks they will face to restore operations. Having Grid One has a partner opens a conduit for substantial resources when the need is most urgent.

As part of the Asplundh family of companies we can leverage our resources to further enhance storm and emergency support solutions. Emergency operations are a time of great disruptions. Grid One can work proactively with customers to enhance data collection, validation and delivery capabilities for activities associated with emergency response to expedite service restoration in an environment where resources are limited.


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