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Grid One Solutions: Your Source For Smart Grid Solutions


Grid One Solutions' Safety Management Process has been developed through four key safety culture concepts.

1. Safety Vision – Safety is always first and therefore no one gets injured.

2. Safety As A Value – Safety will not be compromised for any reason.

3. Safety Leadership – Safety is the responsibility of all employees, including supervision. What managers do is more important than what
they say.

4. Safety Accountability – We continuously review and measure our performance to ensure that our safety program objectives are met. We know that safety is a proactive habit and not a reactive function.

Management is responsible for providing an environment for everyone to work safely. Management additionally trains each individual to be responsible for the safety of themselves as well as the safety of others. In addition to the work environment, our management fully promotes off-the-job safety to our employees and reminds them to be mindful and proactive with the safety of their family and friends.