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Grid One Solutions: Your Source For Smart Grid Solutions

Gas Meter Corrosion Mitigation and Lead Testing

For more than 20 years, Grid One Solutions has performed corrosion mitigation on large commercial gas meter sets for utilities in the mid-Atlantic U.S. The mitigation process provides years of safe service for existing meter sets, avoiding expensive replacement. Additionally, our program follows your state utility commission’s specific audit requirements, keeping you in compliance.

Grid One takes extreme care to ensure a professionally-finished product. We only use environmentally-approved materials as specified by our clients. Our trained technicians perform approved safety checks for leaks and lead paint and report any issues as defined by utility and industry standards prior to resurfacing and refinishing the gas meter sets.

Grid One's Service Offerings Include:

  • Inspection and above ground leak survey of the entire meter set
  • Report of any observed abnormal operating conditions
  • Lead testing of existing paint
  • Preparation of gas meter and meter assembly surfaces for environmentally-safe primer and paint, including wire brushing, sanding and cleaning
  • Masking of surrounding surfaces to protect from primer and paint
  • Cleanup of area upon job completion