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Grid One Solutions: Your Source For Smart Grid Solutions

Efficient Field Service Work Capabilities

Grid One Solutions has the right personnel and fleet ready to help protect your meter investment. We treat all customers of the utility with respect while conducting:

  • Timely turn on/off work orders
  • Follow up for non-payment
  • Revenue protection
  • Maintaining and upgrading meter assets can tie up valuable resources. Our field technicians strive for maximal efficiency and minimal disruption to a utility’s work environment when performing:

  • Periodic change-outs of electric, gas or water meters and parts
  • Equipment upgrades for reliability and regulatory compliance
  • Leak surveys and corrosion inspection
  • Identification and remediation of unsafe conditions
  • Grid One’s integrated Call Center and work management system can save you the trouble of handling notifications, appointment scheduling and dispatching. And you can rest assured that you will receive regular project updates and 24/7 emergency response.

    Data Management Capabilities

    Grid One’s field service work is done within existing utility systems or we can provide our own secure mobile workforce solution. We have extensive experience with many existing work order management systems. Whether it’s your system or ours, we maintain the integrity of data on a wide array of key performance indicators (KPIs).

    Emergency Service Support

    Grid One has a highly-trained and safety-conscious work force to assist with storm damage or other system emergencies.

    Our qualified field technicians are trained to terminate, make safe and restore electric services. Emergency work for gas service includes all safety checks, terminations, restorations and appliance checks.

    With support from Asplundh, our parent company, we can also provide “guides” for outside crews who may be unfamiliar with the service territory.