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Grid One Solutions: Your Source For Smart Grid Solutions

Construction And Contractor Management Services

There has been a renewed focus on distribution system upgrades, system hardening and capital improvement programs within the electric utility industry. With a cadre of utility industry professionals and certified project managers, Grid One Solutions can help you manage the performance of your capital improvement and construction projects.

It is imperative that your projects be built to specifications, on time and within budget to allow you to achieve your return on investment. Grid One can provide a variety of construction and contractor management, audit and data collection services designed to provide detailed program management reporting. You’ll enjoy the peace of mind you deserve that comes from knowing precisely how your program is progressing across a broad range of key indicators, including safety, production, cost and budget.

Grid One Performs The Following Activities

  • Audits of installed units
  • construction compliance audits
  • Project and job completion tracking
  • Project and key indicator reporting
  • Quality audits