Grid One Solutions: Your Source For Smart Grid Solutions

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Grid One Solutions: Your Source For Smart Grid Solutions

Successful AMI / AMR Deployments

A successful load control and conservation initiative depends upon ‘smart grid’ infrastructure and automation.

Grid One Solutions has played a critical role in building the electric, gas and water infrastructure of the future, including network devices. We have learned a great deal by installing over 13 million endpoints for utilities and meter manufacturers across the nation. And as an Asplundh company, you can count on Grid One for the experience and resources you need for a successful AMI or AMR deployment.

Project Management Expertise

Second only to public and employee safety is Grid One’s commitment to project management principles. Our management teams have been applying these principles for years and regularly refresh their Project Management Institute training. This assures customers that our project teams are working efficiently and effectively to meet the budget goals and deadlines of your AMI or AMR deployment.

Skilled Field Technicians Who Represent The Utility With Professionalism

  • Trained by electric, gas and water experts on installation processes
  • Safety equipment and training exceeds industry standards
  • Uniforms, PPE and I.D.s provided
  • Well-marked, fuel-efficient vehicles
  • Supervision for overseeing quality and safety performance
  • A Complete Network Of Support Services

  • Work planning and dispatch
  • Secure data management
  • Professional call center for appointment scheduling and customer concerns
  • Secure storage and inventory control of meters, parts and vehicles
  • Flexible work order management and data capture tools