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Field System Integrity Surveys

Field System Integrity Surveys

Grid One Solutions assists utilities with the recovery of lost revenue by discovering unregistered meters using our circuit walk down process. Back billing recovers unbilled usage revenue while the new meter record creates future revenue.

Are you still performing periodic visual inspections? Allow Grid One Solutions to perform your periodic inspections using the latest technology to provide efficient, cost-effective, detailed visual inspections. The findings identify safety hazards and takes the necessary action to protect your service territory customers and field infrastructure equipment.

Grid One survey results also validate asset locations and identify mismatched equipment. The information is verified through address and geo-coordinate collection to update your information system records.

Additionally, Grid One survey results greatly aid with preparation for your asset exchange and upgrade programs by identifying needed repairs and equipment location.

Field Survey Data Compilation Includes:

  • Meter condition documentation: good, damaged or obstructed
  • Lost / missing meters and wrong meter / no transformer ID
  • Theft of service or occupied inactive premises
  • Confirmation of found meters
  • Padmount and aerial transformer information with pole condition
  • Unreported hazards and unsafe conditions
  • Code violations
  • Correction of GPS data on endpoints